The Best Soups In The World

Soups and creams are excellent foods, because they can be eaten at any time and in addition to being delicious are very easy to digest, in fact this type of food is even recommended for special occasions in which other types of foods cannot be consumed, for example when a person is sick with the flu or stomach regularly recommend that you eat a chicken broth or soup, also when a person goes through a dental treatment such as dental implants Tijuana is recommended to follow a soft diet, this means that you should only consume food that should not be chewed because it is still difficult for your new teeth to make such efforts, so soups and creams become part of your daily diet. 

If you are a person who enjoys eating soups and creams or due to some situations like those mentioned above, you need to consume them, here are some of the best:

Clam Chowder 

This soup is originally from New England, however it is mostly consumed in the California wharfs, this is a thick soup is recognized in most of the United States. It is made from milk or cream, broth, clams, onions, potatoes cut into squares and some aromatic herbs to taste, some people also add vegetables such as celery and carrot to have a little color. One of the most famous places to try this soup is Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco.


This soup has its origins in Italy, and like every Italian dish it includes pasta. It is also prepared with carrots, celery, green beans, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, pumpkin, rice, beans, onions, parmesan cheese, butter and pepper. In its typical Italian preparation, fresh basil is put on top to add flavor. There is also another version of this soup known as Minestrone seca, which has no broth. 

Tortilla Soup 

This is a Mexican dish well known and enjoyed by all people who love soups and especially those who love to eat Mexican food. This has its origin in pre-Hispanic times and is a combination of some of the typical products of that country. This one is prepared with a base of meat broth, to which strips of fried corn, chile, avocado, tomato, onion, garlic, panela cheese, peppers, spices and some other ingredients are added. It is commonly served in clay pots or even in frying pans.


This soup is originally from Korea and some people refer to this dish as “Korean stew”. Kimchi is a cabbage that is left fermenting with a spicy marinade and in fact is one of the foods most consumed by Koreans, even attributed healing properties. Some of the ingredients used to prepare this soup are pork marinated in soy and pepper, sometimes seafood, sesame oil, garlic, onion and tofu cubes. For people who enjoy spicy food, this dish is ideal because it is served boiling with some chiles. 

These are just some of the richest and best known soups in the world, there are many more, but no doubt if you are a lover of this type of food, you have to try them.