How to Find the Best French Restaurants Austin Offers for Club Gatherings

Whether you are looking for a unique place to have dinner with your book club, or you want to find a great spot for brunch with your friends from yoga class, you can start by researching the best French restaurants Austin offers. Why French food? For starters, it is decadent and therefore special. While Austin may be known for its barbeque and Tex Mex, finding cuisine that is uncommon and adventurous to enjoy with your social group will ignite new life into your gatherings. This article is intended to help you locate the best French restaurants Austin has to offer.

Good Wine Leads to the Best French Restaurants Austin has on the Map

When most people think of a good French restaurant, they will almost always wonder about one thing: the wine list. France is known for producing some of the best wine in the world, so naturally the best French restaurants Austin has on their culinary map should include the best wine bars. Look for a great selection of reds and whites from every region of France, as well as a good variety of pinks and multiple Champaign makes to choose from. In addition, you should have access to bottles with various price points. There should be some quality table wines, bottles that are better quality and still modestly priced, and rare bottles for special occasions. 

Top French Food Austin Spots Should Have Authentic Cuisine

Not all cuisine labeled as French food is truly authentic. That said, when you are searching for the best French restaurants Austin has, make sure the menu reflects authentic plates. For example, classic starters should include a carefully selected cheese board, steak tartare, escargot, and French onion soup. Main courses should offer traditional favorites like chicken paillard, croque monsieur, and moules frites (Bouchot mussels in a white wine broth with thyme and creme fraiche. 

Look for a French Restaurant in Austin with Classic Desserts

Some say France is just as known for its desserts as it is for its wine and cheese. That said, the best French restaurants Austin offers should include some exceptional desserts that pair well with a delicious latte or shot of espresso. Some of these desserts should include a creme brulee, Paris brest, vacherin, bombe au chocolat, macaroons, and a selection of sorbets and ice cream. Sweet dessert cheese is also a nice addition to any menu. 

When looking for the best French restaurants Austin has to offer to delight your group, consider these points and you are sure to find the best French food in the city.