The 5 foods that tourists like the most in Mexico

In Mexico there are a lot of delicious meals, but, without a doubt, there are five of them that are the ones that all tourists who come to the country like the most, and that are almost an emblem around the world. Do you want to know them?


Tacos are a real delight!


Corn is certainly one of the main ingredients of most of the dishes you will eat in Mexico, and its clearest exponent is the tortilla. A taco is one of them, which wraps all kinds of foods, but, in general, the most popular are usually stuffed with meat, onion, cilantro, and of course some hot sauce.


Vegetarian tourists also have taco options, including nopal, a truly amazing and delicious variety.


Mole, the delicacy of the gods


In Mexico, it is usually called Mole to any type of sauce. In general, the mole is a roast beef accompanied by a sauce with lots of spices, including a little chocolate which is what gives it the popular mahogany color it has.


Although there are many moles, the best known is the mole poblano, where it honors a wonderful sauce made with bitter chocolate, and different types of chili, tomato, nuts, spices, onion, and garlic.


Totopos, famous all over the world!


Totopos are an essential component of Mexican cuisine, and you will find them in multiple dishes, or simply as appetizers, accompanied by different types of moles. Many people confuse them with nachos, but totopos do not have such a strong flavor, The most common is to eat them with guacamole, or refried beans. Many of the patients of dental implants Tijuana usually perform the last test of the functioning of their denture with a good plate of delicious totopos.


Enchiladas, with flavor water 


The enchiladas are a dish that contains poultry, corn tortillas, cheese, and usually a sauce that is usually spicy, and that can vary in level depending on where in Mexico they are and that if you are not used to this type of spicy food it is really important that you accompany this meal with delicious and refreshing waters, the best known are tamarind, and pineapple.


Pozole, delicious!


Pozole is a very delicious soup based on corn, and depending on the region of Mexico different types of meat and complementary ingredients are added, it is delicious food, which is usually added avocado, lettuce, radish, chicharrón, cheese, and also chili sauce to give it a spicy touch.


In the case of patients of liposuction Tijuana this is a highly recommended dish, since it is usually light and very complete, in addition, it does not provide too many calories, since it has a good amount of protein and few carbohydrates, and if you do not like spicy, you can always ask the restaurant not to add it, and you can enjoy it as you want.