Places you can visit in Mexico on your surgery trip

In case you decide to have gastric sleeve surgery Mexico, Tijuana is one of the most special cities to do it, not only because of its perfectly adequate clinics for it, and highly professional doctors, but also, while you wait for the time for your surgery, you can visit different places, so, without a doubt, you will want to know where to go!


Revolution Avenue 

Revolution Avenue is one of the central points of Tijuana, where a large number of cultural, tourist, and social routes of the city converge. Originally, this avenue ran through the entire city, which at that time was a small metropolis.


Currently it is full of commercial premises, where you will find everything from clothing stores to the latest technological products.

In addition, it is a wonderful place where you can try a great variety of foods, especially the typical dishes of the Baja California coast.



One of the greatest prides of the city of Tijuana is its cultural life, and the importance it has for its development. In the cultural center there is a space that accumulates the best of both art and recreation in the region.


There you can also find the bolo cinema, and the cube, where you can see screenings of new and independent documentaries.

You can also go through the Botanical Garden, which has more than 150 different species of plants.


Playas de Tijuana

There is a route of about 4 kilometers of wonderful and imposing beaches that go from Azteca Park to the border with North America, making it one of the most beautiful and busiest places in Tijuana.

The greatest charm of these beaches are the sunrise and sunset, which are accompanied by musicians and also handicraft vendors who undoubtedly brighten up the atmosphere of the place.


Hipódromo de Aguacaliente 

The racetrack in Tijuana is extremely interesting, because you can see horse racing in direct transmission, and, in addition, there are more than 30,000 machines to bet and try your luck.


There you can see the greyhound races, which are ridden by monkeys.

Interactive museum,  El trompo

Each of the interactive museum exhibits is dedicated to bringing science and technology together in a fun and participatory way, including complex exhibits on natural sciences, robotics, and innovation.

In the city you can achieve everything you want, restaurants, discos, everything before your surgery! Even if you are a patient of botox Tijuana, you can enjoy all these elements, except for the beach, because since this is a procedure that is directly related to the skin, it will be necessary that you do not expose yourself to the sun until the doctor tells you.

Tijuana is a really wonderful city, where you can do a lot of activities while you wait to fully recover, so you will definitely enjoy doing medical tourism!