Foods that damage children’s dental health

As children get older, it is normal for them to begin experimenting with new foods, but parents need to understand that many of them may put them at risk for illness or health problems. The dentist always tries to instill in parents the importance of oral health to avoid future treatments like dental implants Tijuana not giving children the following foods from an early age:

Dried fruits

Due to these fruits’ consistency, they can cause them to get stuck in the teeth, so it can cause the infant to start having caries problems or other types of problems related to oral health. It is estimated that apples, bananas, and plums are some of the most common products that children and parents struggle with.

Mainly because of the consistency of these, which can be either very hard or quite chewy. It is recommended that dried fruit be avoided in children between the ages of three and four.

Cookies and bars

Although it is a delicious snack, it can also cause problems for children, mainly because the consistency of this food is hard because of the high percentage of sugar it contains. As it is a product with a crunchy consistency, it causes children to have to make more of an effort when crushing it and as for the bars, they tend to have a chewy consistency, so it is very easy for the small pieces of this product to get stuck in large part of the teeth. To avoid this, you can crush the cookie in small pieces or better opt for another product with softer consistency and so much sugar content.

Hard and small fruits

Fruits such as cherries, apples, pears, among others, are fruits that are not always recommended, mainly because of their shape and consistency. When children are just learning to eat, they usually put everything in their mouths, but as their teeth are just coming in, they are generally weak, so eating this type of food can damage their teeth. On the other hand, small fruits usually have huge seeds, as cherries can cause the force exerted by the child when trying to bite the seed considerably weakens the strength of the teeth. It is recommended that parents avoid these two fruits in stages of growth or give them under another presentation, as can be in a puree.


It is the food most consumed by children, and although many know the consequences that can cause the consumption of these products, many parents allow their consumption. The main problem with these candies is that they contain high percentages of sugar, the favorite food of bacteria, and being of a chewy consistency. They are more easily deposited on the teeth. Suppose good dental hygiene is not carried out. In that case, it will cause the child to start having caries problems due to the exaggerated accumulation of bacteria, which, in the future, will generate the presence of periodontitis in children.

Therefore, these foods should be administered correctly or better disposed of within the meal. You can choose much healthier products that will not damage the structure of your teeth.